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Are your products ethically made?Updated 6 months ago

When choosing partners, we prioritize manufacturers with a stellar track record of maintaining the highest standard of labor ethics. We have zero tolerance for forced or child labor and frequently visit our facilities around the world to ensure they're complying with our expectations. Furthermore, we're investing deeper into sustainable operations to reduce our overall carbon footprint and the local impact of our manufacturing. Our leather, for example, comes from a tannery that uses leftover hides from the agriculture industry and has a state-of-the-art water recycling system, so that any water that leaves the plant is cleaner than when it came in. Our rugs, meanwhile, are produced in solar-powered facilities and participate in a program designed to give women in rural India well-paid, independent jobs in their craft.

We're always striving to raise the bar for ethical and sustainable furniture making, and we'll continue to share our progress as we improve.

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