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What makes teak special?Updated a month ago

Our Dunes collection features FSC-rated teak, a premium wood ideal for outdoor furniture for its fungus, rot, and wood-boring insect resistance. This resistance is due to the natural oils in teak. Over time, this oil may surface as a result of exposure to the elements. Oil surfacing may appear as water stains on the wood and can occur multiple times before it naturally subsides.

When left outdoors, teak expands and contracts slightly as it acclimates to its environment. This separation of the grain can create small cracks called checking. Checking is cosmetic and does not affect strength or longevity of the furniture.

Out of the box, our teak furniture is a honey brown color that weathers to a beautiful silvery-gray patina. This weathering process can vary based on climate, exposure to elements, and maintenance and is to be expected. While the weathering process does not degrade the furniture’s performance, if you prefer to keep the out-of-the-box honey brown color, we recommend regular maintenance with Golden Care Teak Cleaner and Golden Care Teak Protector. Please follow use instructions for best results.

For cleaning instructions, please see our article on care and cleaning. 

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