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Chorus Bedframe and Headboard Collection

Is my Chorus Bed frame compatible with another Brand’s headboard?

Our Chorus headboard’s interlocking system is NOT universal and therefore cannot be combined with other brands’ frames.

Can I customize my Chorus Bed?

We designed the Chorus Bed to allow for customization, based on your aesthetic. The Chorus Bed comes in two wood finishes (Oak and Walnut) as well as three upholstered versions, made with scratch- and stain-resistant fabric (Papyrus, Stone Grey, Heat

What is the weight capacity for the bed frame?

The weight capacity for both the Chorus Bed (including the wood & upholstered frame and headboard) is 700 lbs for the Full and 800 lbs for the Queen/King.

What certifications do your frames have?

Our manufacturing partners are FSC-certified.

How do I clean my upholstered bed frame and headboard?

Our upholstered Chorus Bed is made with scratch- and stain-resistant fabric. But when small stains happen, blot the stain with clean, warm water and bleach solution (ratio: 1 tablespoon of bleach to every 4 cups of water). Allow the solution to soak

How do I clean my wood bed frame and headboard?

Spills and dirt should be spot-cleaned as quickly as possible. We recommend using a damp rag with cold water and nonabrasive laundry detergent!

Does the wood match any of your products?

Yes, the oak and walnut finishes were selected to complement the rest of our Burrow products. As with any wood product, there may be variations in the wood grain and stains.

What type of fabric materials are used in the Chorus Upholstered Collection?

Our upholstery is made with 100% Polypropylene. The backing is made with Vinyl and a Needle Punch Coating.