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What does modularity mean?

Modularity is the use of individually distinct functional units that can be combined together to create a larger system or function independently as single modules. Modularity allows for the units to be independently created, modified, replaced, or e

Can I turn my Nomad loveseat into two armchairs?

Yes! You can separate your current Burrow furniture to create smaller seating options. All you’ll need is an additional set of arms and the possibilities are endless! Feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]. They’ll provide the magic

Can I choose what side the Nomad chaise goes on?

Great news! Our furniture is modular, and the Nomad chaise is designed so that it can be moved to any side or spot you want it placed, with ease.

What are the dimensions of your seating boxes?

New Answer: Our sofas ship in compact boxes and are delivered via FedEx Ground. The package dimensions are as follows:. NOMAD COLLECTION:. Seat Module Box: 36” x 19” x 28” (42 lbs). Arms Box: 43” x 13” x 21” (30 lbs). Ottoman Box: 30” x 12” x 29” (28

I ordered a Nomad sofa with chaise and got an extra cushion?

All Nomad chaise lounges come with an extra seat cushion. The seat cushion is for your sofa and gives you the ability to remove the chaise lounge and only use the sofa portion should you want to.

Can I turn my Nomad sofa into a corner sectional later?

If you own one of our Nomad sofas, you can expand with the purchase of a corner piece. You can also add as many modules as you'd like! Please reach out to our team at [email protected] in order to verify the collection your seating piece is from and

Can I change the legs on my Nomad sofa?

Yes, you can change the legs on your Nomad sofa! Feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected] to get set up with your new legs. Please note that legs are not compatible across product lines. Only Nomad legs can be used for Nomad so

Are the cushions on your Nomad sofa reversible?

Our Nomad fabric back cushions have one tufted side and one flat side to give you the styling option. Our seat cushions however will be flat on both sides. Our Nomad leather cushions will not be reversible and are only flat.

Can you tell me more about the USB Charger in your Nomad sofas?

Our Nomad seating options come with (1) built-in 5-volt Stingray USB plug (no assembly necessary). The plug will always be found on the right arm of the seat when facing the furniture and is nestled between the arm and seat cushion. A removable adapt

Are the cushion covers removable?

The tufts are sewn into the foam so we do not recommend removing your sofa cushion covers. Please spot clean only!

Are Range Collection pieces compatible with Nomad?

Our Range Collection pieces and hardware, including all legs, seat modules, and other attachments, are not compatible with any Nomad pieces, nor can they be structurally combined.

Which seating collection is more durable? (Better for pets / kids)

Both our Nomad and Range seating collections offer stain and scratch-resistant fabrics that pass rigorous mandatory durability testing to ensure they’re able to withstand whatever life brings.

Where is your seating manufactured?

Burrow products are thoughtfully designed in the USA and manufactured with carefully vetted partners from all over the world – including those in North Carolina, Vietnam, Poland, Mexico, and India. We are incredibly proud to work with each and every

Sofa Cleaning Tips

Our sofas are intended to be simple to clean. Scroll through to see specific cleaning instructions for your particular sofa. Please note that we never advise removing cushion covers for any reason.Nomad Collection (fabric): Blot stain with warm, dist

Are the Range Collection colors the same as Nomad’s colors?

Although the fabrics are from the same collection of performance upholstery, the only color that matches across the two seating lines is Navy Blue. The Heather Charcoal and Stone Gray offered with our Range Collection are brand new colors to the Burr

Are your products ethically made?

When choosing partners, we prioritize manufacturers with a stellar track record of maintaining the highest standard of labor ethics. We have zero tolerance for forced or child labor and frequently visit our facilities around the world to ensure they'

Can I expand my sofa?

Absolutely! Our team is happy to chat with you to help you build your ideal configuration. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] to get started. Please note that the original order number is required for the purchase of additional pieces. At t