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How do I clean my furniture?Updated a month ago

For instructions on the care and cleaning of your seating, including sofas and accent chairs, please see our sofa cleaning instructions. For all other furniture pieces, please continue.

A light dusting here or there should be all you need to keep your wood furniture in shape. Should there be a spill, make sure to clean it with warm water and a gentle cloth within 12 hours of exposure. If you use a cleaning agent, only use products specifically made for use on wood or else you could damage the beautiful finish.

For marble, we recommend using warm water, a gentle cloth, and mild, non-abrasive soap to clean. You may also use a stone cleaner, but avoid products containing acid, including lemon juice or vinegar. To remove smudges or marks from metal furniture, use a soft microfiber or glass cloth, household dish soap, and water. For glass, we recommend your favorite streak-free glass cleaner.

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