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How to mount your Index Wall Shelf without drywallUpdated 6 months ago

After you’ve completed Part 3 of the Index Wall Shelf assembly, please follow these instructions to successfully install the non-drywall anchors.

*Tools Needed* (Both the Drill Bit and Wall Anchors can be purchased via Amazon here.

  • Masonry Drill Bit
  • 2 Concrete (Non-Drywall) Wall Anchors per shelf set

1. Drill two oversized holes through the poster’s indicated spots in the desired position. Remember, use the outer position for single shelves or vertically stacked shelves, or the inner position for horizontally arranged shelves. As a wise person once said, measure twice, cut once!

2. After you’ve drilled your holes, remove the poster. Hammer a non-drywall anchor into each of the two holes you just drilled.

3. Screw the *included* hanging (also known as “double-headed”) screws into the two non-drywall anchors.

Resume the assembly at Part 5 on the Index Wall Shelf assembly poster to complete the installation of your Index Wall Shelf.

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